Surfing for Change

When we were in Capitola, just south of Santa Cruz we met up with professional surfer and Patagonia Team Rider, Kyle Thiermann.

Kyle first caught our eye doing his TED talk, on stage in a wetsuit, surfboard in hand campaigning on environmental issues. We have been following his work ever since, we knew he was based in Capitola and since we were stopping for the night we got in touch and met up with him for some dinner and drinks at Suda.

Kyle founded Surfing for Change to educate the world and specifically the surfing community, about environmental issues. His angle is not to preach but to tell stories that are entertaining, informative and grab the attention of an audience that often times tune out.

He recently released a film ‘Indonesia Trash Tubes’ that has already had over 30,000 views.

Kyle is only 23 and is engaging thousands of people with his projects, his passion and enthusiasm where infectious. With huge respect and admiration we left Capitola encouraged that his Outstanding work is really making a difference around the globe.

A thousand miles and smiles

Two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals, steered with handlebars and powered by trail mix and water (mostly).

We have just hit 1,253 miles, not including side trips and wrong turns. Our last day on the road before we take a short break saw us climb 72 miles over 1,200ft of brutal hills, in 42°C (107°F). We ran out of water and a front tyre exploded in the heat flying down a screaming decent – only puncture number two. Thankfully by 7pm we were celebrating our arrival at Campovida paradise with a cool beer, doughnuts, ice creams, Pringles, and buckets of cold water.

Tomorrow we will head to San Francisco to watch a Giants game, get a hair cut, and hit the thrift stores for shorts, sunnies and swimwear. We are moving to live in Costa Rica this November, so to prepare us for a year in Central America, this weekend we are flying down for a six week rekki. We will then return to Campovida where our bikes will have been patiently waiting for us, to continue the ride south to the Mexican border.

Jungle and beachside blogging coming soon.








Back on the saddle in search of waves

Our time at the farm came to an end on Friday last week. It was sad to say goodbye to Noah, Elisabeth, Finn Bond and our two fellow WWOOFers Faye and Annais, but as much as we enjoyed having our hands in the dirt we were both missing having our toes in the sand.

So we are on a little ferry cruising down a narrow inlet heading for the Pacific Ocean; looking left and right for bears on the waters edge, drinking average ferry coffee, eating a carrot muffin and enjoying the sun on our faces. Some may call this ferry business cheating as we float our way over two thirds of the width of Vancouver Island. We don’t see it that way because this trip is definitely not all about the bike, sure, pushing pedals is a lush way to travel; stay fit, go slow and breathe the wild air but this particular stretch of road from Port Alberni through to Ucluelet/Tofino is one mean, treacherous son of a bitch and over a dozen people warned us, with stern faces and serious eyes not to cycle this bit due to the numerous deaths, crashes and near misses, so we listened. Plus this ferry ride is stunning.

Fingers crossed there are waves and good times on the west coast. We have got a few interviews, which we hope to be outstanding, lined up with the mayor, and a few local people doing good stuff. We will keep you in the

Look!!! There’s three orcas on the left! Breathtaking!”

Like we said… we will keep you in the loop!


Ross and Alice