Getting to know Catherine Bruhwiler

Catherine is a professional surfer, mother of two and co-owner of a family business: Bruhwiler Surf School in Tofino, BC and owns her own stand up paddle board school called SUP Tofino, yep she’s a busy lady.

Catherine grew up in Tofino and began surfing as a child on a piece of plywood, and at that time was one of the very few female surfers in the waves. Since then, she has championed the female Canadian surf world and travelled the world to compete and play.

We sat down with her on the west coast of Canada and asked her the IPOS questionairre…

Full name? Catherine Bruhwiler

Occupation? Full time Surf and SUP instructor

Where are you right now? At home, just got out of the shower after a surf. My daughter is playing the fiddle for me and my son is packing for a camping surf trip tonight.

What woke you up this morning? My alarm clock at 7 am. Good thing you didn’t ask me yesterday, I got up at 4:15 for a sunrise tour.

What’s stoking your fire today? Remote surf camp with outward bound kids tomorrow and camping with my kids

What scares you? My kids in danger, that’s it

What sound do you love? Waves and silence too

What sound do you hate? Arguing people,especially my own kids

Who or what is outstanding in your eyes? Humble generous and talented humans

If heaven exists, what would you like God to say to you as you arrive at the pearly gates? You can get lots of sleep here 🙂

Back on the saddle in search of waves

Our time at the farm came to an end on Friday last week. It was sad to say goodbye to Noah, Elisabeth, Finn Bond and our two fellow WWOOFers Faye and Annais, but as much as we enjoyed having our hands in the dirt we were both missing having our toes in the sand.

So we are on a little ferry cruising down a narrow inlet heading for the Pacific Ocean; looking left and right for bears on the waters edge, drinking average ferry coffee, eating a carrot muffin and enjoying the sun on our faces. Some may call this ferry business cheating as we float our way over two thirds of the width of Vancouver Island. We don’t see it that way because this trip is definitely not all about the bike, sure, pushing pedals is a lush way to travel; stay fit, go slow and breathe the wild air but this particular stretch of road from Port Alberni through to Ucluelet/Tofino is one mean, treacherous son of a bitch and over a dozen people warned us, with stern faces and serious eyes not to cycle this bit due to the numerous deaths, crashes and near misses, so we listened. Plus this ferry ride is stunning.

Fingers crossed there are waves and good times on the west coast. We have got a few interviews, which we hope to be outstanding, lined up with the mayor, and a few local people doing good stuff. We will keep you in the

Look!!! There’s three orcas on the left! Breathtaking!”

Like we said… we will keep you in the loop!


Ross and Alice