“Please welcome to the stage, last minute speakers at Do Lectures USA…”

We were busy painting blackboards and making playlists for the lectures. There were two hours to go until Do USA would begin and Campovida was bustling with excitement. Duke Stump one of the founders just received a text from one of the speakers and his face was a little distressed.

“Hey Ross and Alice, could you speak at this years Do?” Duke asked

10 second pause, “Ah, sure. Tomorrow or Sunday?” we nervously replied

“How about 16:30? One of the speakers isn’t going to make it.” Duke replied

We glance at our watches, it was 14:30.

“Shit the bed Duke” Ross said. “Are you serious?”

“Yep” was all Duke said.

For those of you who know us,  you’ll know that we love the Do Lectures, we’ve volunteered at Do Wales every year since they started and every one has been a privilege. Many of the talks we have seen over the last few years have changed our lives, so to be asked to stand up in front of the Do logo and tell our story was HUGE.

We legged it to the Campovida office, sat down with a laptop, a big white board and started working on a presentation of our journey. At 16:22 we crept into the back of the hop barn, got mic’d up and took a few deep breaths.

16:31 Duke took the stage and with a heartwarming and emotional introduction we were live. On stage, bright lights in our eyes, 100 faces staring back at us and our first slide behind us that just said YES.

When our talk goes online we’ll be sure to let you know.

We are back on our bikes in the morning, 800 miles to go and we can’t wait, Mexico and more outstanding here we come.




Doing the do

Our journey to Campovida, the venue of The Do Lectures USA;
Nosara to San Jose 5hr drive in a hire car for an overnight stay with old school friend Myfanwy Davies
San Jose to Los Angeles for breakfast
Los Angeles to San Francisco for lunch
San Francisco by bus and a final car journey to Campovida for dinner

We are back at the stunning winery and gardens at Campovida in Hopland, Sonoma, California. This is where Part One of our bike ride ended 6 weeks ago.

We are lucky enough to be a part of the awesome team organising and hosting The Do lectures USA . This series of talks will inspire the world to go and do something that they have always dreamed of. The speakers share their stories, the attendees get inspired, and the talks go online to the website linked above for the world to watch for free. We have both volunteered at The Do Lectures in Wales over the last four years, and when we found out we would be in northern California on our bike ride we made sure to time it with the Do Lectures USA. This is the third Do Lectures USA and we are so excited for the event to kick off on Thursday. Check out the 1 minute video which is a snapshot into the work it takes to get ready.



A thousand miles and smiles

Two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals, steered with handlebars and powered by trail mix and water (mostly).

We have just hit 1,253 miles, not including side trips and wrong turns. Our last day on the road before we take a short break saw us climb 72 miles over 1,200ft of brutal hills, in 42°C (107°F). We ran out of water and a front tyre exploded in the heat flying down a screaming decent – only puncture number two. Thankfully by 7pm we were celebrating our arrival at Campovida paradise with a cool beer, doughnuts, ice creams, Pringles, and buckets of cold water.

Tomorrow we will head to San Francisco to watch a Giants game, get a hair cut, and hit the thrift stores for shorts, sunnies and swimwear. We are moving to live in Costa Rica this November, so to prepare us for a year in Central America, this weekend we are flying down for a six week rekki. We will then return to Campovida where our bikes will have been patiently waiting for us, to continue the ride south to the Mexican border.

Jungle and beachside blogging coming soon.