“Please welcome to the stage, last minute speakers at Do Lectures USA…”

We were busy painting blackboards and making playlists for the lectures. There were two hours to go until Do USA would begin and Campovida was bustling with excitement. Duke Stump one of the founders just received a text from one of the speakers and his face was a little distressed.

“Hey Ross and Alice, could you speak at this years Do?” Duke asked

10 second pause, “Ah, sure. Tomorrow or Sunday?” we nervously replied

“How about 16:30? One of the speakers isn’t going to make it.” Duke replied

We glance at our watches, it was 14:30.

“Shit the bed Duke” Ross said. “Are you serious?”

“Yep” was all Duke said.

For those of you who know us, ¬†you’ll know that we love the Do Lectures, we’ve volunteered at Do Wales every year since they started and every one has been a privilege. Many of the talks we have seen over the last few years have changed our lives, so to be asked to stand up in front of the Do logo and tell our story was HUGE.

We legged it to the Campovida office, sat down with a laptop, a big white board and started working on a presentation of our journey. At 16:22 we crept into the back of the hop barn, got mic’d up and took a few deep breaths.

16:31 Duke took the stage and with a heartwarming and emotional introduction we were live. On stage, bright lights in our eyes, 100 faces staring back at us and our first slide behind us that just said YES.

When our talk goes online we’ll be sure to let you know.

We are back on our bikes in the morning, 800 miles to go and we can’t wait, Mexico and more outstanding here we come.




An outstanding 25th Birthday

I had a fantastic three day fiesta for my birthday this year. And it was pretty outstanding to say the least.

On Saturday night a bunch of us had a pizza feast at Il Basilico with the Surf Simply team, followed by a pool party and massive cake fight at The Rancho.

On Sunday Jessie Carnes, a new friend of mine and I, along with 50 other horse riders including Ticos, Ticas and tourists; some experts and rookies, went on a ‘Cabalgata’ – a day trek on horse back taking us through jungle, deep rivers, and cantering up dirt tracks with a beer, food and music truck accompanying us the whole way. The ride finished at sunset at Olga’s bar on the beach for arroz con pollo, dancing and margaritas.

Monday, a little sore from riding started with a wonderful breakfast with my husband and a surf at Guiones beach. 3ft, super clean and heaps of waves. After an early lunch we headed to meet DK from Drifters Kayaking, an old friend of Ross’, we cruised up a mellow river in and out of the mangroves on sit on top kayaks, spotting two crocodiles, kingfishers, cormorants, and hawks. We had a spontaneous lunch and a ‘michelada style (lime, ice and salt) beer at La Luna restaurant, cycled the 20 minutes home in booming thunder and lightening that lit up the whole night sky. And then incase I hadn’t been treated enough already we went out for dinner at Dos Pochotes.

We leave Costa Rica in five days and will head straight to Campovida, Hopland to start getting ready for The Do Lectures USA (19th-23rd). After that it’s the Alcatraz swim on the 28th and cycling south to Surfrider for an October Internship.

I know there will be tonnes of ‘Outstanding’ to come so watch this space.