Getting to know Fergal Smith

If you have seen the front page of a surf magazine in the last two years there is a good chance you have caught a glimpse of Fergal Smith. Fergal digs big waves, waves that, quite frankly scare the shit out of most people. We met Fergal at The Do Lectures in April and were blown away by how humble, unassuming, and passionate he was for creating change in the world.

You see, Fergal totally digs planet Earth. Literally and figuratively. He is on a full out path to do his bit to reconnect people to the thing we have lost sight of, nature.

We sent Fergal a few questions and are stoked to share the first of many exciting and exclusive interviews with you.

Full name?
Fergal Peter Smith

Luckily I am still getting paid to go surfing, but I see my hard work going into the land as that’s what feels most important.

Where are you right now?
In my rented house on a hill called Lackamore. It’s on the west coast of Ireland in a county called Clare near the Cliffs of Moher.

What woke you this morning?
Wind and rain! ha ha!

What’s stoking your fire right now?
Rest. The weather has been amazing the past week and with the long summer days I had been going from 6am till after midnight every day sailing, surfing, gardening etc. So my body is buzzing on the break and the time to reflect on what an amazing week I was so lucky to experience.

What scares you?
I try not get too scared about the scary stuff and keep positive and hopeful for the future. But what we have done to our perfect home is so sad and scary and many don’t seem to care. It is very clear that our money hungry attitude is destroying the world in which we are all living. Yet the powers that be seem more concerned about keeping the money dream alive than keep us alive! I do believe the majority of people want to do good and hopefully it wont be too long until the old attitudes are behind us and the earth can start to cleanse herself.

What sound or noise do you love?

What sound or noise do you hate?

Who or what in your life are outstanding right now?
Wow, there are so many outstanding things and people I would have to write a book! First off what you guys (Alice and Ross) are doing, cycling down the whole west coast of America working on organic farms and basically spreading the word of the future. To me that is outstanding!!! On another outstanding note, how great is it that the earth keeps providing us with food for nothing in return…

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say as you arrive at the pearly gates?
I would love a big hug from the big guy and that is it. If I could have helped the world in anyway that would be great but I wouldn’t want any praise or anything. I am having a great time on earth at the moment and I feel lucky enough just to be here, so I would be thanking him for the fun times.