Alice Top 37

We thought it would be fun to show you a few of the things we have been carrying in the panniers for our bike trip.

Order: From the top left, down, and then round in a circle (that’ll be anti clockwise)

Insulative jacket – the Finisterre Nimbus is worn and enjoyed every day on the trip so far (except for this last week in Costa Rica!) perfect for cycling first thing in the morning, and sitting around the campfire in the evenings.

Bike helmet – safety first

Water bottle – mmmmm man I lurve water, can’t seem to be getting enough

Toothbrush – keep those nashers glistening

Toothpaste – ‘no other toothpaste has the unique strong taste of Euthymol’

Razor – silky smooth ; – )

Soap three in one (shampoo, conditioner, body soap) natural, organic, fairtrade- excellent. Dr Bronners

Moisturiser and cleanser from Dr Hauschka – my all time favourite, got a salon size tube of the cleanser for the trip.

Mirror and two lipsticks – pink or red depending on the occasion, for parties and special occasions

Fairy glitter – donated by little Mid for when I really want to sparkle


Silver bangles from godmother Sara Spridgen for when we go out to dinner

Mooncup – every girl needs one! Check out the tampon vs mooncup rap here and the mooncup video here

Neoprene swimsuit – handmade especially for me by Neon Wetsuits in Newquay, Cornwall – thanks Elsie

Goggles – birthday present from Nayfe and Rhiannon last September – great design – goodbye goggle rings round eyes, hello fish.

Tent – perfect size, weight, design

Sleeping bag – as above

Thermarest – Christmas present 2011 from brother Jack, well chosen Jacko – no need to have a full length – save the space instead.



Stove- Olympus

Homeopathic kit

High vis jacket – great for tunnels, bridges and foggy days

Emergency essence – stay calm, clear and cool

Citronella spray – keep the mosquitoes at bay

Tea Tree cream

Paw Paw – bought over from Aus by Martin Whittacker aka Lovechild – great for saddle sores, mosquito bites and generally fixing yourself.

Sunblock –

Arnica cream


Diary/scrap book

Inner tube

Handy Man – borrowed from my darling brother Jack, although he doesn’t know it yet… Jack, it is cool if we borrow this?

In Pursuit Of Outstanding stickers (1.5″) to give to people as we go – logo designed by Geoff McFeteridge, put together with font by Nayfe SJ, printed in Vancouver, delivery and distribution by Ross and me.

Camera – the incredible Olympus Tough, wicked all rounder – waterproof, digital, auto/manual settings, multi lenses.



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