Goodbye Canada, ‘ello the Fattest Nation on Earth

Well that was ‘kinda neat’.

500 miles safely under the belt. She was kind to us, three different coastlines, two cities, many wonderful people and mountains that stopped you in your tracks with their beauty. We swam in her oceans and lakes, ran through forested trails barefoot – just like the Indians, we kayaked around her islands, drank her local ale, smelt and tasted award winning wines, and danced in her streets to live music. Yep, Canada sure was kind to us.

Five days ago we left Victoria, and as cities go, it was a real treat. A city occupied by people that smile and say hello – which really took us by surprise. Slow paced with funky little stores and organic, vegetarian restaurants serving quinoa, kale and almond burgers.

We cycled through the empty streets as the sun rose, to catch the 6:10am crossing to Washington, USA. And now, after 300 miles, and five days, we are on our way to Portland, Oregon. A little saddle store, but in high spirits, we write this with rosy cheeks, full bellies, around a roaring campfire.

Life is beautiful right now.

Busy breathing the wild air.

Ross and Alice





5 thoughts on “Goodbye Canada, ‘ello the Fattest Nation on Earth

  1. Happy riding campers! Hope the surf appears soon for you too – I think you must have taken the waves with you…

  2. Mr and Mrs Beese, i have been following your blogs for ages but have as yet not commented on your amazing adventures. This has been partly due a lack of writing skills and partly due to sheer unadulterated laziness (more so the latter, I apologise). So at present i’m sitting here in my fluffy blue dressing gown, with a cuppa coffee, reading your latest instalment and it sounds just fantastic, I’m very jealous! Clean, healthy and adventurous living, you can’t beat that. I have been inspired and amongst other things I am gonna start cycling to work when I can. Also, you would be pleased to here, I am in process of harvesting my bumper crop of spuds and onions (carrots not so good this year). Anyways I will shut up now, just two questions, 1, has Ross developed a bum yet from all the cycling and 2, have you had the hob nobs and tea!? All the best guys, Tom Alex.

    • Who’s Hugh??

      Great to hear from you buddy, hope the house is shaping up nicely and you’ve managed to get a few waves since we left.

      We have a confession on the hob nob front, they kinda got eaten in the first few days, nowhere glamourous either but trust me they were amazing at the time, cycling makes you real hungry and a cuppa and a hob nob was a real highlight of the trip so far πŸ™‚

      Having an absolute hoot out here, my arse is definitely growing, thanks for asking, I’m looking more like J-Lo everyday…

      Stay safe Hugh and big hugs and love to you both…

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