Permaculture, Goats and Golden Eagles…

We are loving being outdoors, tucked away in a forest on an Island that’s 9km x 9km with goats, chickens, carrots, pigs, beetroot, golden and bald eagles, all sharing the same space and flourishing in one of the most magnificent environments we’ve ever experienced. We’ve been working around five hours a day and in exchange have enjoyed three exquisite organic meals from the garden each day, a warm shower and a comfortable bed. We’ve done everything from putting up greenhouses, milking goats, weeding, to transplanting and potting in the permaculture beds.

The farm is run by an awesome couple; Noah and Elizabeth, who are super passionate about real farming, real food and real people. They have a vision to become a totally self sustaining island and are setting an example for other communities to do the same. Saturday is the first pick up day of the year where members of their CSA scheme will collect their box of delicious, tasty, seasonal veg.

We chose to come to Jollity Farm for three reasons. We were looking for somewhere to relax, absorb new ideas and to plan the rest of our pursuit. That we’ve done. Surprisingly, we have stumbled upon our first glimpse of outstanding. : – )

More ideas and learning from the farm to follow.











6 thoughts on “Permaculture, Goats and Golden Eagles…

  1. The first picture is amazing…kind of surreal! How long are you planning to stay there for? It looks and sounds so nice there, it would probably be hard for me to move on.

    • Hi Gabrielle, we left the farm today after an incredible three weeks. We learnt so much about real food but its time to get our feet in the sand so we are cycling across Vancouver island to the West coast in search of waves. It’s awful good to be back on the road. X

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