Easy riders…

As you might have guessed, we have landed in BC. Spent an amazing few days in and around Vancouver City doing a mix of chores including picking up an iPad to blog along the way, getting Ross’ Claude Butler fixed up after a bumpy ride on the plane despite copious amounts of bubble wrap and caught up with a couple of old friends and ex TYF adventure guides Stuart Masterman and Leah Blok.

We have been blown away by the warm Canadian welcome, from passer-bys and in particular the hosts we found through warmshowers.org. Joey, Cathy and Manu in Van city and Jim, Cory and boys between Naniemo and Chamanius.

It feels great to be on the road after months of planning. The bikes feel good fully loaded and the warm sun on our backs feels ace. We are out of the city now at Jollity Farm, on a stunning island called Thetis, for a jolly spot of organic farming. The trip is on!



2 thoughts on “Easy riders…

  1. Absolutely fantastic to read the start of your wonderful adventure. Keep safe, have fun and look forward to hearing all about “your journey!” Lots of love Sam, Tom and Finn xx

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